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Fireman’s Brass Lantern “no 7” Etched in the Glass D03183

Fireman’s Brass Lamp “no 7″ Etched in the Glass Circa 1840-1850 Fireman’s Brass lantern fixed globe 5 3/8” diameter brass wrist handle, brass font has 3 squeeze tab release “NO 7″ etched on 5″ H, tapered clear globe, base is 5 1/2″ diameter lantern body is 13” H

Price $945 d03183-417

Fire Mark Large Oval Cast Iron Original D03133

This is large oval antique fire mark with 75% of original paint remaining. The colors are red, green, black and tan.  It measures 9″W x 11″H.

Price $325



B F Goodrich Fire Extinguisher Akron OH Rare D02795

This is a hard to find B F Goodrich Fire Extinguisher, manufactured by Industrial Products Division in Akron OH.

Price $125.00


D02895-BFGoodrichFireExt (1)


SodAcid Fyr-Fyter Fire Extinguisher Copper Brass D02794

This is a nice SodAcid Fyr-Fyter fire extinguisher made of copper and brass.

Price $135.00


D02794-SodAcidFireExt (1)



Fyr-Fyter Brass Fire Extinguisher With Mounting Bracket D02618

Fyr-Fyter Brass Fire Extinguisher With Mounting Bracket

This nice old fire extinguisher measures approximately 17″ high, the mounting bracket is included. Manufactured by the Fyr-Fyter Company in Dayton, OH.

Price $148




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