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Burrough’s Portable 9 X 9 Adding Machine D03900

Burrough’s Portable 9 x 9 Adding Machine


Price $55

Remington Typewriter 54 Keys D03882

Remington Typewriter 54 Keys carriage work nice old typewriter


Price $120

Underwood Fountain Pen Pencil Combo Unique! D03387

Price $75



Wearever Green Black Striped Fountain Pen D03385-sold

Price $70



Underwood No 5 Typewriter Pat Nov 1915 D02883

This is an antique Underwood No 5 typewriter on legs, patent number 1,160,071, November 9, 1915.  It is in great shape, with the exception of the J key’s letter is missing.  The keys are black with white letters.  It appears to be in good working order and complete. The text on the piece just below the spacebar reads “No. 5 Underwood Standard Typewriter No. 5”, the outline of it can still be seen but the gold paint appears to have worn off.  See photos for best description of items.

Price $320



D02883-UnderwoodTypewriter (3)

D02883-UnderwoodTypewriter (6)

D02883-UnderwoodTypewriter (4)

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